What is Asian Handicap

The Asian Handicap in sports betting causes many doubts among beginners and there are numerous explanations on the internet. In this article we will explain it directly and with examples.

What does handicap mean?

Handicap means that one side at a sporting event receives an advantage before the game even starts.

In a Brazil x Argentina football game, for example, the Asian handicap “Brasil -1” means that the game already starts with the Brazil 0 x 1 Argentina scoreboard, that is, Argentina has a goal advantage.

This advantage goal should be considered when it comes to whether you won the bet, lost the bet or will have your bet returned.

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In this example, we have:



Corinthians -1 means that, before the start of the match, Timão starts the game with a goal of disadvantage. This goal taken from Corinthians is added to Sport, which starts the game by winning by an advantage goal.

And why is the Handicap interesting?

The intention in this market is to “match” the strength of the teams in order to also try to match the quotes.

According to bookmakers, Corinthians is very favorite in this game and therefore, betting “only” on victory with a 1.46 rate (as you can see in the image) may not be a good deal for some bettors, who prefer higher odds.

As there are bettors who believe in Corinthians victory by at least 2 goals difference or more, there is the Asian handicap.

If you bet -1, the team that bet to win the game by at least 2 goals difference is necessary for you to win the bet. If the victory is just one goal, the bet is void, because it is as if there was a tie.

Was there any doubt left? Check the example below in practice:

Types of Handicaps

There is not only the Asian handicap and many bets are lost due to lack of knowledge. There is also the EUROPEAN HANDICAP, sometimes identified only as HANDICAP in the gaming betting markets.

This European handicap does not use fractions of half a goal or ¼ goal.

Another characteristic of the European is NOT to return the bet if the handicap -1 bet ends with a score of 1-0, for example. In Asia the bet would be returned.

ATTENTION: always make sure which handicap you are betting on. An over 7 corner bet that ends with exactly 7 corners is returned in the Asian and lost in the European.

Learn in our article a little more about the European handicap.

A table for better understanding:

To reinforce understanding

The Asian handicap name may be scary at first, but when you understand the concept it becomes just another common market among so many.

Many punters consider the Asian handicap to be the most fun and profitable market to bet on.

Now let’s look at the most common handicaps:

Asian half goal handicap

In the Asian handicap it is possible to bet on fractional amounts (0.5 – 1.5 – 2.5, etc.) where it is impossible to have a draw or bets returned, as it is impossible for a team to score half a goal.
Let’s look at this Asian handicap in a practical example, using 188BET quotes for the 2019 Champions League final as an example:



In the example above we can say that Liverpool is the favorite to win, as Tottenham was given a half goal advantage. In this specific case, these are the possible consequences:

• You bet on Tottenham +0.5 and Tottenham wins = bet won
• You bet on Tottenham +0.5 and Tottenham draw = bet won
• You bet on Tottenham +0.5 and Tottenham lose = bet lost
• You bet on Liverpool -0.5 and Liverpool lose = lost bet
• You bet on Liverpool -0.5 and Liverpool draw = lost bet
• You bet on Liverpool -0.5 and Liverpool win = bet won

Note that there are two possible results to win by betting on Tottenham +0.5, but betting on Liverpool -0.5 you only win in one situation.

Whole Asian handicap

The entire handicap allows you to have the bet returned in addition to winning or losing a bet.
This is also known as “push” or “void” in English.
Let’s use the Europa League final between Chelsea and Arsenal as an example, with quotes from the bet365 betting site.



Here we can also say that Chelsea is the favorite, as Arsenal received a goal before the start of the game.

In this case, the possibilities are as follows:

• You bet on Chelsea -1 and Chelsea win by a goal difference = bet returned;
• You bet on Chelsea -1 and Chelsea lose or draw = lost bet;
• You bet on Chelsea -1 and Chelsea win by 2 or more goals difference = bet won;
• You bet on Arsenal +1 and Arsenal wins or ties = bet wins
• You bet on Arsenal +1 and Arsenal lose by one goal difference = bet returned;
• You bet on Arsenal +1 and Arsenal lose by 2 or more goals difference = lost bet.

To make it easier to understand how we arrived at the above conclusions, always do this exercise of imagination: I bet on Chelsea -1 and the game ended 1-0 for Chelsea.

Excluding the handicap handicap goal the game would end at 0x0, so the bet is returned. Simple, isn’t it?

Asian handicap type 0.25

This is a slightly more complicated type of handicap to understand, but neither is it a seven-headed bug. This bet is divided into two: part 0 and part 0.5.
Some betting sites show this type of betting already dismembered, like Pinnacle.

Let’s use the Champions League final again as an example:



Where “0 and -0.5” is read, other sites may show -0.25.

Now let’s explore the possibilities of this type of bet:

You bet on Liverpool -0.25 and Liverpool lose = lost bet;
You bet on Liverpool -0.25 and Liverpool draw = half 0 is returned, half -0.5 is lost;
You bet on Liverpool -0.25 and Liverpool wins = bet wins;
You bet on Tottenham +0.25 and Tottenham loses = lost bet;
You bet on Tottenham +0.25 and Tottenham draw = half 0 is returned, half +0.5 is won;
You bet on Tottenham +0.25 and Tottenham wins = bet won

Handicap in Sports Trade

Bettors who work with Trading on Betfair or similar platforms also have handicap markets at their disposal.

As the market for sports trading exchanges involves only the money of bettors and not that of bookmakers, not all markets will have a liquidity table (amount of money invested).

In this sense, the Match Odds (to win) and Totals (goals or points) markets tend to concentrate most of the Trading operations.

The handicap market in Trading is used, but as a bet before the game starts, when the movements of the betting lines oscillate more slowly.

Imagine a game of Basketball. Before the game the score is 0-0 and will remain so until the start of the game. If the starting handicap line is at -8 for the home team, until the start of the game it is unlikely that the line will change beyond -6 or -10.

With the ball rolling, the basketball scoreboards are very elastic and the handicaps can reach between -1 to -20. With so many variations, investors’ money would be sprayed between the lines, generating little liquidity in each one.

That is why bettors focus their bets on Match Odds.

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