Double Possibility, Double Hypothesis or Double Chance, is the name of a betting market that the house offers so that you can bet on two of the three possible results of a sport: home win, visitor win and draw.

This market is popular in football betting and sports where the result of a tie is very likely to happen.

How does Dual Possibility work?

There are three possible combinations of bets in this market: home win and draw (1x); visitor win and draw (2x); victory of the principal and victory of the visitor (12).

  • To win in 1x the visitor just doesn’t have to win the game.
  • To win in 2x it is enough for the principal not to win the game.
  • To win in 12 it is enough that there is no tie.



Obviously the price offered for this market is lower than those offered in the traditional 1×2 market. But this is an often interesting alternative for that bettor who believes that a certain team will not lose the game.

Many people place accumulated bets in this market, as the chance of getting a bet on two results is much greater than on one.

What is the best paid site in Dual Chance?

Some houses offer higher prices for some games, others pay attention to a certain championship and, therefore, their prices are generally higher than those of competitors. We at bet10 recommend 188bet so that you can bet on national football and Libertadores de América, because generally your odds on the Double Chance market (188bet is like that) are higher than many bookmakers.

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