Trusted sports betting sites 2020

Despite the growing popularity of sports betting, many Brazilians still have doubts about the reliability of sports betting sites. We have created this article to explain how we analyze the security of each of them and list which are the most trusted betting sites in 2020. Bonus offers may change at the discretion of each site.


With licenses granted in Malta and several other countries, Bet365 is the leading online bookmaker in the world. The site uses the TSL security system, which encrypts all personal and banking data provided by its users, making them safe and confidential. Its worldwide credibility leaves no doubt about the importance that Bet365 attaches to the safety of bettors.

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Betfair is one of the biggest online bookmakers today. With licenses granted in Gibraltar, the company is able to offer its services and products around the world. Your betting site uses the TSL security system, preventing third parties from accessing your users’ personal or banking information. Register now atBetfair:


Since its foundation, Sportingbet has been growing and gaining credibility in the online betting market. In 2001, the company started to have its shares traded on the London Stock Exchange. Your users’ personal and banking data are also protected by the TSL security system, which encrypts them and makes them inaccessible to third parties. To offer its products and services around the world, Sportingbet has licenses granted in Gibraltar. Access now and register:



The growing popularity of sports betting means that competition between the best bookmakers is fierce, resulting in better products and services for bettors. At the same time, it enforces rules and conditions on these companies, so that the online betting market is as safe and fair as possible.

Many factors must be taken into account when evaluating which are the most reliable betting sites operating in Brazil today. Below, we list some points that we consider to be the most important:


The first thing we do to analyze the security of a website is to check the details of your licenses. If a website is not properly licensed to offer online betting services or games, it will certainly not be on our lists. This is because, most likely, it cannot be trusted.

Sometimes, simply having a license is not enough, as some gaming authorities do not impose proper regulations on the sites. Therefore, we also check which authority issued the license to find out what the requirements were. If the requirements are not strict, the licenses have no credibility.

Company History

Researching the history of a betting site is essential when assessing its security, as it helps us find out what kind of reputation it has. We enter forums to find out what users think about the site, ask for opinions from players and colleagues who use the site and, of course, we have many contacts in the world of online betting, where we also gather information.

Website security system

It is important that all personal and banking information provided by users to betting sites is secure. We check if the betting sites use the SSL / TSL digital security system, which allows encrypted communication between the betting site and the browser, keeping users’ data confidential and protected. To identify that a betting site has an SSL / TLS security certificate, just look for a padlock in front of its online address (URL), indicating that the connection is secure.

User support

It is important that betting sites offer simple and quick ways for users to get in touch if they want to make a complaint or ask a question. The forms of assistance that we consider to be the most efficient are the telephone and the live chat.

Terms and conditions

We believe it is essential that betting sites have clear and objective terms and conditions, so that users can understand all the rules of the promotions and bets offered. Being aware of the rules imposed by the betting sites is essential so that you are not surprised negatively in the future.


Taking advantage of our personal experiences, we do tests to evaluate some aspects of a betting site that cannot be accurately evaluated in any other way.

We do everything possible to get a clear answer about the security level of a betting site. In our lists, we have not added any suspicious or unreliable betting sites. We would rather risk not recommending a site, which we probably should, than risk recommending a site that we definitely shouldn’t.


It is not very difficult to stay safe in the world of online betting. To avoid being negatively surprised by online gambling sites, two points are essential:


The first point is very easy, just choose one of the several online bookmakers present on our website. We can guarantee that a rigorous assessment of our team was done before they appeared on our lists. Many of them, by the way, are the largest betting companies in the world. You will be perfectly safe and will be treated fairly by them, which is exactly what should happen.

Play responsibly

The second point is not necessarily so easy for everyone, as some people really have a hard time keeping track of their bets. Fortunately they are in the minority, but the risk can be high and it is something that every player should take seriously. It is important to set clear limits on how much money and time you should spend betting online. When you reach those limits, it’s time to stop.


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