Starting in Sports Betting

To start with, I’m glad you chose Aposta10 to take your first steps into the world of sports betting. Our sports betting course for beginners is just the first step for you to understand the main fundamentals and understand the mechanics of how different types of bets work.

If you parachuted here thinking you just discovered Novo Eldorado to earn easy money, take your horse out of the rain. Just like any area of ​​our lives, it takes study and dedication to become an assertive gambler. But don’t get discouraged, very different from playing the federal lottery and literally “praying” to be the big winner, the world of sports betting provides you with an excellent opportunity to bet with a foundation.

Sports bets have been held across the globe for a long time. In the remote Roman Empire where gladiators fought to save their lives until the Super Bowl mega-event today, people are at risk of losing money or winning big. Initially with the broadcasting of sporting events and later with the advent of the internet, bets were gaining popularity and drawing attention to an increasing number of bettors and bookmakers.

You must be asking: is this story legal, I want to know if betting on U.S.A is legal?

Due to a loophole in our legislation that did not provide for bets over the internet, and due to the fact that the bookmakers’ servers are physically located in other countries, we can say that yes, betting in Brazil is legal.

Now that you are calmer, knowing that the police are not going to kick your door, let us continue with our teachings.

Sports betting is carried out through bookmakers, these institutions are for profit and so it is obvious that they must earn more money than they spend. For these houses to raise money, it is necessary that more punters lose than win their bets. You may already be thinking that these bookmakers are corrupt and create illegal mechanisms for gamblers to lose. Well, there may be companies of dubious character, but in the globalized world where there are millions of attentive gamblers, only one slip can be fatal to destroy a reputation, and so here at Aposta10 we only recommend reputable and reputable houses.

If you usually follow the Premier League you may have seen some bookmakers sponsoring some clubs, so be sure, this is a serious business, run by serious people. Since it’s all very honest and serious, how can people lose so much? As serious as the business is, the houses have professionals dedicated to numbers, so they don’t give a point without a knot, they know that in event x it is likely that% people will get it right and% people will get it wrong, the math doesn’t fail. All odds (odds) are created based on odds. If you want to know what odds are and understand more about probability visit our articles on that subject.

Now that you understand that sports betting is carried out through Bookmakers, and works over the internet, let’s start to unravel the processes for your best learning. There are now several types of bets, also known as markets. The most traditional are 1×2, handicap and over and under. Explaining in a very basic way, you can bet on the winner of a match, on a specific amount of goals for a given game, number of goals at a given time of play, among others.

As soccer is the main sport of Brazilians, we will give some examples like it to facilitate your learning, but remember that you can bet on the most diverse sports. Let’s suppose that we will have a match next weekend between Corinthians x Palmeiras and that you will bet on the 1 x 2 market:

Let’s imagine that you bet R $ 100.00 on the victory of Corinthians. If Timão won the game, then you multiply the stake R $ 100.00 x 2.35 which is the price of the quote and plim, your balance on that bet jumped to R $ 235.00. To see your profit just take R $ 100.00 invested out of R $ 235.00, so your profit in this case was R $ 135.00. If Corinthians had lost, you would have lost all stake.

See a slightly different example in the game above. The bookmaker is paying 6.5 for the victory of the expressionless Sinop FC, while for the victory of Fluminense it pays only 1.33. The lower the chances of a team winning, the greater the odds for betting on it. That is, the greater the risk, the greater the profit.

At this point you are already taking the dynamics of the bets, you can celebrate for 10 seconds, just because it is only the beginning.

To start betting you must register with the bookmakers. We have selected on our website the best bookmakers for you to register. Unlike in the past, today most of the websites of the houses are already in Portuguese and have a support team, after all you are the customer and deserve all the attention. The great thing about this is that bookmakers offer bonuses for new customers, and with that you can take advantage of this credit to learn in practice how it all works.

An example of this bonus is from the bookmaker Rivalo, they offer at this very moment when we write this article a bonus of up to R $ 500.00 for the first deposit. That way, if you deposit R $ 500.00, you will have R $ 1,000.00 available to bet.

In the beginning you may be frightened by countless terms, many of them in English and that you have never heard of. To place you in this world of betting, we have prepared a betting dictionary to help you.

Now that you have an overview of sports betting. We are listing below the next classes with the knowledge you must acquire before you start betting:

1. What are odds

2. How to register with bookmakers

3. How to deposit your money at bookmakers

4. How to withdraw your money 


We will learn here the decimal quotes 1 X 2 (Team 1, Draw and Team 2)

Literally, quotes (or odds) mean probabilities (or chances) of an event occurring. To simplify didactically, let’s say that the odds are multipliers. You will understand better with the example below:

If the person bets $ 100 on Atlético Mineiro’s victory and the result is successful, the bettor will end up with $ 202 – that is, $ 102 in profit. In the case in question we say that the odds for Atlético’s victory are 2.02 (Read: the house pays 2.02 for every 1 bet in case of victory).

If the $ 100 bet was made on a tie (represented by X, with odds of 3.25) and the game ended in a draw, the house would pay $ 325 – that is, the bettor would profit $ 225 ($ 325 paid – $ 100 invested).

We can deduce that Atlético’s victory is the most likely result to happen, because the house is paying less for those who hit this result. The higher the odds offered, the more unlikely the result should be, and vice versa.

The bookmakers analyze several factors such as: the quality of the teams, who is playing at home, history, absences and even the weather forecast for the match! All this to elaborate the odds.

See another example:

Manchester is so favorite that the odds for their win are only 1.25 to 1. That is, by betting $ 100, you will make a profit of just $ 25.

Already betting $ 100 on the underdog (Sunderland), with odds of 14: 1, if your guess is correct, you will win $ 1,400 ($ 1,300 profit). But the result “Sunderland victory” is extremely unlikely to happen. You will notice that the odds of the draw (6.10) are also high, as Manchester is so favorite to win this game that the draw also becomes a difficult result to happen. 

Gains and Losses

The big problem is that all bookmakers have very qualified specialists when it comes to preparing the odds. So make no mistake: it is very difficult to be profitable against bookmakers.

Most people who bet on sports lose more than they win. Another factor to be considered is that many punters act based on emotion (many are fans). Bookmakers make their analyzes rationally. It is no wonder that there are so many bookmakers around the world. We recommend that you read the betting tips for beginners.


To bet you need to have an account on a betting site. Opening a new account is always free, you don’t need to pay anything to register on a betting site. These sites will ask for some personal information to protect you and themselves – the process is quick and easy.

Usually betting sites will ask for:
* Full name
* Address
* Telephone
* Email
* Age

It is essential that you provide all the correct data. Once registered, the house will confirm your account using your registered email address, so if it is entered incorrectly you will probably not be able to bet. Some gambling sites request a copy of your identity document to prove your account: if the data you fill out does not match the data on your identity document, your account is canceled.

Registration is a contract between the bookmaker and the bettor (who must therefore be of legal age). Also be aware of the terms and conditions of this contract.

If you are a beginner, we recommend that you bet on 188BET, as this site accepts deposit via bank transfer or bank transfer, and you can withdraw your profits directly to your checking account. Avoid registration on betting sites new to the market or considered to be of bad reputation. To find out which are the most respected trusted sites in the Brazilian public, visit our bookmaker ranking.

Go to How to Deposit, the second step.


Depositing money on a betting site is a simple task even for a beginner, but of course, it depends on the method chosen.

Usually you get the following order:

  • Go to “Cashier”, “Deposit” or “Deposit.
  • Choose the method you will deposit
  • Enter the deposit details that the website asks for.
  • Enter the amount you wish to deposit and CONFIRM.

You will notice that the second step is to choose how to deposit. And it varies from site to site. In Brazil, websites usually offer the following deposit options:

  • Bank slip
  • Credit cards
  • Debit Cards
  • Bitcoin
  • Bank transfer

There are many other deposit options. To find out which ones you should consult them by accessing “Deposits” or “Deposit”. Not all of the above methods are offered by betting sites, but you will usually find at least one that will be right for you.

After choosing the deposit method you will need to answer questions that involve your deposit method. Below are the two most used methods:

Credit Cards and Debit Cards

Depositing using one of these cards is quite simple. If you ever made a purchase from an online store with the card, the process is identical for depositing on a betting site.

You will have to enter the name printed on the Card, the validity and all numbers.

With this method your money will be in your account in less than 1 minute. 

Bank slip

This is the most traditional way and used by beginners, as many are suspicious of the honesty of bookmakers and do not want to pass their bank details to a website.

Depositing with Boleto is easy:

1.When choosing this option, the site will create a boleto
2.Enter the amount and any other requested data
4.Pay at a Bank Branch

This method takes an average of 1 to 2 business days for you to see your deposit turn into a balance on the site account, but there are betting sites that credit your money in minutes. Just go to the chat and send a copy of the deposit slip. It is called the anticipated boleto.

Next step >> How to withdraw your money


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Withdrawing money from betting sites is simple

When you withdraw your money, it leaves your account on the betting website and falls directly into the withdrawal method you choose.

Withdrawing your money from the gambling sites is one of the most exciting things you can do in life. Since the bonus is huge, you are proud to have beaten the statisticians and you will have the ego so high for having won the money just by studying the game, beating the bookmakers.

Decide on your withdrawal method

There are a lot of different ways that you can do to withdraw money from the gambling sites. The most popular ways include:

  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • Checks
  • PayPal
  • Astropay Card
  • Bitcoin
  • Bank transfer

ATTENTION! On February 28, 2018, Neteller and Skrill will no longer make deposits and withdrawals to betting sites for Brazilians. Look for alternatives!

If you have a preferred method of withdrawing your money, check to see if that option is available before signing up on the site.

All sites use credit or debit cards for withdrawals. You can request a check, however, you will have to wait a few weeks to see the color of the money.

The steps to withdraw

1.The withdrawal method is similar across all sites. The following steps should be applied to all sites:
2.Access your account and make sure you have money available to withdraw.
3.Go to “My Account” when you are logged in. Sometimes it can be “Account Details” or “Profile”.
4.After entering “My Account”, select “Withdraw”, “Withdraw” or something like that.
5.Enter the amount you want to withdraw.
6.Choose your withdrawal method.
7.Enter the security details that the website asks for.

Depending on the way you choose, you will have to wait for 30 minutes, 2 hours, 1 day or more.

This operation is really very simple and when you do it for the first time you will never need to read this post again.

Is there a minimum withdrawal amount?

Yes, there is a minimum withdrawal amount. This changes from site to site, and the way you choose. But don’t worry, as the minimum withdrawal amount is very low.

Bet365 for example withdraws at least $ 20 for Neteller.

Are there any withdrawal fees?

The vast majority of sites do not charge any withdrawal fees, although some do charge for the way you choose or the amount of withdrawals you have requested in a given period. Pinnacle, for example, limits four withdrawals per month, if you pass that, a fee is charged.

Other things that may incur fees are the withdrawal method you choose, but there, it is not the betting site that is charging for the withdrawal.


Royalpag is an intermediary for the purchase and sale of Credits on betting sites, poker, in addition to the Neteller virtual wallet.


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