Most Popular Betting Sites on the American Continent

We will discuss here a little bit about sports betting houses, the most “popular”, most “frequented” houses most loved by football lovers and also other sports that are growing a lot here in the American continent.

In the vast majority of these houses, we will notice that in some championships they are already present in the life of the Brazilian, this because they are partners and sponsors of many championships, a very expressive gain for the sport and certainly for the whole community of the Continent American.

In this text we will comment a little on each one, at this moment we will choose 5 of the best known, but it could be 10, or more, size is the market that is opening up here in the American continent.

Today we are going to comment a little on the following places: Betfair, Bet365, Pinnacle, 1Xbet and SportingBet.


One of the largest bookmakers in the American continent and in the world, and also one of the first in the American continent, has invested heavily in the American continent, where it has good support, good ODDS and certainly one of the most used, because here, many do the trader and betting and are able to browse the many markets available in that house.

USA are very fond of this house, as it is easy to use, has many sports options and we will hardly have problems or bugs during the games, certainly a good home for anyone who wants to start investing in this market, has good promotions and covers most events American sporting goods.

Betfair is not just a bookmaker, it is a true ‘Betting Exchange‘, a place where you trade / exchange your bets with other bettors, you can enter in good times and leave in bad times, you have control much bigger than what is happening and can make the best decisions if it sees fit.

In addition, Betfair has many options, a real range of options for those who like to venture into casinos and poker tables, they even have a Betfair mobile app where you can play online poker games wherever and whenever you want .

Certainly one of the main positive points is that Betfair allows its users is the issue of Cashout, where, and at any time of an event, you can withdraw your profit and close the transaction.


Another old house here on the American Continent is used to place bets and it certainly has one of the best entry bonuses for new members, covers a huge number of events and has many live events that traders use to watch games.

Bet365 is a giant in the betting world, it invests a lot in advertising and in games across the American continent, we can already see advertising signs in almost all Serie A and B games.

Nowadays Bet365 is certainly one of the biggest brands in the world of gambling, every market they enter in which they have their product, if you are not competing for market leadership, it is among the top 3 or top 5 among the preference of bettors, it is a mark of respect for sure.

Bet365 is known for being a betting site for users already experienced and runners, it has one of the best entry bonuses in the market for sure, bettors can deposit in this house in a huge number of options.


Perhaps the most “darling” house in USA, Pinnacle arrived slowly, but today it is one of the Top 5 in that market, has excellent ODDs and invests a lot here in the American continent.

Pinnacle is certainly one of the main bookmakers in the world, and no one disagrees, a house that welcomes its punters, being widely used by professional and renowned punters in the world. As we have already said, one of the main differences is in their odds (the most competitive in the market).

There is a very important issue in this house, they do not limit people who profit frequently, and with that there is a good relationship between the bookmaker and users, in general the odds offered by the house are really competitive, often exceeding theirs. main competitors in the market.


1XBET is one of the bookmakers that has the most aggressive ODDS here in Brazil, competes with all the bookmakers in the world and is hardly below the others, has excellent prizes, huge bonuses and that USA look a lot, has sponsorships in several championships and will certainly continue to invest a lot here in the Americas.

1xBet is a house of Russian origin and which expands more in the American continent, already occupying a prominent position ,we can see this in the great move that the house made to invest and sponsor Serie B of the 2018 Brazilian Championship. When registering on the betting site, users find more than 40 sports available on their sports betting platform, one of the most complete on the market.

One of the most positive points of the house is the variety of sporting events that are broadcast live, making a difference for those who like to place their bets in real time.


SportingBet is undoubtedly one of the main sports betting houses in the American continent, has many commercials on several TV channels in the American continent and should be one of the first to have this in the media in the American continent, consolidating its brand and making your brand appears on many sports programs and channels.

It has a very simple and intuitive interface so that users can have one of the best experiences in betting on a very reliable house with good odds. There are more than 8,000 different betting opportunities every day in more than 30 sports.

SportingBet has used the question of famous sportsmen a lot in its commercials to try to associate the good image of famous people with the brand, renowned fighters, players of excellence, in short, invests and invests heavily in associating its brand with famous people. This strategy has proven to be effective, since the number of supporters continues to grow.

Completion of the 5 Most Popular Sports Betting Houses in Brazil

We do not want to commit any injustice, as we have several other excellent bookmakers in the Americas that are investing and having a good acceptance in the market in the world of betting here in the Americas, the legalization of betting will help and a lot for this market to have even more future and generates more investments in the economy of the American continent.

But be very careful when investing, as well as there are good bookmakers, we also have bookmakers that are still not as reliable and that can take all your money, so be careful and find out before making any decision to invest, look for trusted people to pass on this information and analyze it well before you start depositing your money and your trust in bookmakers.


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