How to bet safely

Believe it or not, you can bet without risking losing. These bets are known as safe bets. With them, theoretically, you are sure of victory. It looks great, but as with most things in life, nothing comes for free.


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Safe bets are part of the arbitrary system, which comes from the financial market. You may recognize it from Forex trading, which takes advantage of exchange rates and allows you to take advantage of the imbalance between two or more markets.

But how can this system work with betting? When you find odds with a margin that benefits different results, you have a safe bet. It sounds easy, but finding these odds requires very thorough research.

Explaining how this system works can be a little tricky. We want our site to make sense for both beginners and professionals, so we decided to give simple examples.

Fortunately, the arbitrary betting system is a little easier to understand than its financial equivalent.


Safe bets take advantage of the difference between the odds on the betting sites. Basically, you bet on divergent results when you find odds that allow you to profit regardless of the outcome of the match.

Almost all betting sites offer similar odds, as they usually copy them from the Asian market. Therefore, you need to dedicate a lot of time and have a good mathematical understanding to be able to profit from this system.

This way of betting has been exclusive to more dedicated specialists and bettors, but nowadays, there are several websites and computer programs that can help you find safe bets.


Safe bets, safe odds and arbitrary bets. These expressions mean the same thing, finding odds in different markets to be able to profit, regardless of the outcome of the match.

A typical safe bet requires you to bet on both teams to win the match.

That said, there are several factors that you should be aware of when looking for a safe bet.

No European betting site, for example, allows safe betting. Here is an example of how a betting site should explain the ban on safe betting in its terms and conditions:

“We declare that a bet or investment is completely or partially invalid (and / or closing the account) if we believe that safe bets have been placed”

























To understand how a safe bet works you must first consider ideas that seem illogical, such as betting against yourself. Let’s explain:

All betting sites earn their money by taking a percentage of the odds they are offering. Let’s assume that a betting site thinks there is a 50% chance that a result will happen. In that case, the correct odds would be 2.00, but in order to profit, they offer 1.90. Sure, right? We all know that the odds are adjusted in favor of betting sites. Let’s continue…

Betting sites try to balance investments on both sides of a bet, adjusting the odds so they can win money, regardless of the outcome of the match. With the safe bet, you are following the same logic.

To exemplify, we use a match that has at least two results. Tennis player A and tennis player B, as well as betting site 1 and betting site 2.

Tennis player A –     Tennis player B

Betting site 1       –  1.90                       – 2.00

Betting site 2        – 2.20                       – 1.70

We see here an excellent opportunity for safe betting. If you bet $ 90 on player A at odds 2.20 and $ 100 on player B at odds 2.00, you are guaranteed a profit of $ 8.

Let’s explain:

You bet $ 90 on tennis player A on betting site 2

You bet $ 100 on tennis player B on the betting site 1

Result 1: Player A wins

You lose your $ 100 on the betting site 1

You win with your R $ 90 on the betting site 2. The odds were 2.20, so you get your R $ 90 back plus R $ 108 in profit

The amount received of R $ 198 minus the total stake of R $ 190 gives a final profit of R $ 8

Result 2: Player B wins

You lose your R $ 90 on betting site 2

You win with your $ 100 on betting site 1, the odds were 2.00, so you get your $ 100 back plus $ 100 in profit

The amount received of R $ 200 minus the total stake of R $ 190 gives a final profit of R $ 10

If player A wins, you win $ 8, if player B wins you win $ 10. You win regardless of the outcome of the match.

It is important to understand that this was just an example. Finding betting sites that offer this difference in odds in a tennis game can be very difficult. As you can see, the profit is “only” R $ 8 or $ 10 on this safe bet, with a total investment of R $ 190. It will take a high investment or a large amount of safe bets for you to be able to profit a lot. Please be responsible!

It also takes a long time to find these odds. For simplicity, we use betting sites 1 and 2 as an example. In a more realistic way we could have cited betting sites 14 and 29, because you really have to look hard to find opportunities like this. Nowadays, betting sites offer very similar odds, it is not easy to find such opportunities as in the past.


Open all betting sites in different windows and compare the odds offered for the same sporting event.

Use programs or websites specifically designed to identify safe bets.

There are different ways to find safe bets. You can do the heavy lifting and look for the necessary odds on the different betting sites or use programs and sites that help you identify them. These services can be free or not, and the quality tends to vary considerably.

We recommend that you think twice before purchasing one of these services, as they are often expensive and require a high investment from you with your bets. In addition, the profit on safe bets is small. You usually earn 5% of the initial investment.


Until then, we have listed some advantages of safe betting. It seems very tempting to make money without taking risks, but in reality, these risks exist. Here are some examples:

Betting limitations

Most betting sites set limits on the value of your bet. One betting site can accept R $ 2000 while others can accept R $ 500, creating a problem if you want to place a safe bet.

Let’s say you want to bet R $ 2000 on betting site 1 and R $ 2000 on betting site 2. However, when you try to bet on betting site 2, you receive the information that the maximum bet amount is R $ 500, after you have already wagered on site 1. In this case, you will not have the opportunity to profit using the arbitrary system. To win big money with safe bets you need to bet big, but some gambling sites limit these values.

Bets void

You can even find safe betting opportunities, but the problem is that betting sites can cancel your bet if they think the odds offered are wrong. This may seem strange, but it does happen. Therefore, if you bet on odds considered incorrect, the bookmaker may retain your winnings. At the same time, you will not be able to recover your money from the other betting site that you used to place your safe bet.

Odds change

Another problem is that the odds can change in a matter of seconds, making a safe bet rarely available for many minutes. You can bet $ 500 on betting site 1, and when you enter betting site 2 to place another bet of $ 500, the odds have already been changed. In this case, you will not be able to place your safe bet. What you have left is to hope that your bet on betting site 1 is a winner.


The fact is that many gambling sites do not allow safe betting. It can be difficult for them to find out if you have also placed a bet on another betting site to get a safe bet. However, if it becomes clear that this has happened – which is not entirely unlikely, as sites can use the same provider – you can have your account deleted and your earnings retained. We recommend that you read the betting sites’ terms and conditions for

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