Don’t waste money

In this article today I’m going to talk about something very common among gamblers that is losing money. There is an average that is universal for practically all areas of life, which is that around 95% of people are not successful, only a few manage to do well. In sports betting this is no different, bookmakers beat bets very easily and only a small portion manage to beat them.

This happens for several reasons, the first is that most people treat gambling as fun, few take it seriously and many take it as entertainment, so they already do a lot of wrong things, do not manage capital well, do not strive to learn methods and as is the mechanism of bookmakers and odds. So if you really want to take it seriously or simply want to reduce the bleeding, here are some tips for you to improve in this regard:

Have a bankroll management

Most people who cannot win with gambling do not control capital well, bet more than they should, and this causes capital to be lost quickly. The ideal is to bet small percentages of the separate amount for the bets that we call bankroll, your bankroll is your company, take care of it and take good care, so that in a bad sequence it can survive and you can get back on top. Read more about bankroll management here.

Do not recover bet

Another common thing among people who lose money with betting is not knowing how to deal with a red lose money and go after another game to recover, and that other game may not even be a good betting opportunity.

Don’t set goals on your bets. The idea of ​​having to close with profit every day is a little illusory in this environment here. Do not go out wanting to discover the result of the games, learn to extract value from the games.

Control your emotional

The emotional is a key point in a variable income activity, because knowing that when you try to extract value in games and losses are inevitable, you need to know how to deal with the emotional when the bad sequences come, even if it causes anxiety, insecurity, fear, but if the bettor has the minimum knowledge in the games he works and about the bets, everything ends up getting easier, because the results come in the long term.

Study more about football and sports betting

It is very common to see punters betting on unfamiliar competitions, in peripheral leagues without having the minimum knowledge about the championship, the teams or the players. The results may not come because of this. It is quite different when betting, for example, on the championship in your country, where you can easily watch games yourself, access news portals and find out if

certain team has some embezzlement. Knowing which teams are technically and financially strong, the most traditional and the emerging ones. All of this directly affects the outcome of a match.

I don’t want to tell you to bet only on Brazilian football, but to bet where the information reaches you, even because sports betting is information.

Have a method

Last and not least, the betting method is nothing more than a strategy. Bet on a specific market where you have seen that it is easy to get it right. In specific competitions where you have access to information. Odds high enough that the long term can be easily won.

In my bets I always try to bet with odds between 1.80 to 2.20 and this means that my hit rate doesn’t have to be so high for me to become profitable. Many are concerned about not making mistakes and for that reason they seek low odds to always get it right, but unfortunately the quotes are not related to security, as there are subjective factors and the football variances that go into this account. You will not see Liverpool always win, although the odds are always low. You will not see Flamengo always winning despite the fact that whenever they face Brazilian teams the odds are very low.

So a well-defined and structured method will help you win the long term more easily.

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