Does betting on smaller leagues make money?

Betting sites offer a huge amount of sports and championships where you can bet your money, from betting on the Champions League to football, followed by hundreds of millions of spectators around the world, but it also offers you to bet on virtually unknown strangers, as the second division of the Azerbaijan championship.

Although little known, the minor leagues are a real raw jewel for bettors, who can find there incredible odds and many interesting games to bet on. Here in Brazil, the greatest example of this is the São Paulo Junior Cup, one of the favorite championships of professional bettors.

In the example above we see the second division of the national championship of Costa Rica, a country that is also passionate about football, but that has little expression on the national scene. These quotes were taken on a Thursday in January, a time of little movement in the Brazilian sports scene.

How to bet on smaller leagues

The first step in finding good bets in the minor leagues such as the second division of the São Paulo championship, or the third division of the Rio de Janeiro championship, is to get to know the teams participating in the tournament.

The great disadvantage of betting on smaller leagues is the lack of information we have about the teams, as you will hardly have news of Batatais on, for example. You need to mine the information, even if you need help from a translator.

There are great sites that cover the minor leagues in Brazil, such as the website, which covers teams from the interior with less expression, especially São Paulo football for those who like to bet on the lower divisions of Paulistão.

The website also provides interesting coverage with statistics and results in real time, allowing the bettor to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each team.

In the example above we see a game in the second division of the Campeonato Paulista, where Votuporanguense came from 4 consecutive defeats, but even so Atibaia had a 2.02 bet at Bet365 to win at home. Great example of how interesting quotes are in this type of tournament.


Is it possible to earn money by betting on smaller leagues? The answer is YES, it is possible. Bookmakers offer bets in dozens of countries, and the more you are interested and dedicated to finding value bets in these smaller leagues, the more chances you will be able to profit.

At Bet365 you can find dozens of different leagues from different countries around the world. Be careful not to fall into the traps of these leagues, because betting blindly is the main reason why betting loses money. Always look for information, statistics and news about what you are betting on.

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