Corner strategy

Corner betting is a modality that has been growing a lot in online sports betting, mainly using the bookmaker Bet365, which is already known by Brazilian bettors as “the corner house” due to the wide variety of bets in this market that Bet365 offers its players. customers.

If you still don’t know how to bet on corners, check out our article where we explain in detail each type of bets and how to analyze a game before placing your bets.

In this article we will explain a very interesting strategy, which can help you to bet on corners at Bet365 and increase your profits even more.

The method

This method that we will present consists of betting live in corners (or corners) in the Asian handicap market. It is important that it is the Asian handicap to protect your investment, even if the price is slightly lower than the European handicap.

To apply this method you need to identify a match where the favorite team is drawing or losing between minutes 79 ′ and 84 ′ (34 and 39 minutes of the second half).

The favorite, drawing or losing, will seek the attack with all their strength in the second half, which favors the increase of the probability for many corners to happen. Thus, we will bet on “+1 corner kick” in the Asian handicap.

Our bet is a winner if there are 2 more corners until the end of the game, or more. If there is only one more corner, our bet is returned. If there is no further corner, the bet is lost.

In the example above we have the bet “More than 4 corners” paying 1.65, we need one more corner for the bet to be returned, and two or more to win the 1.65 quote. The bet opened at 79:49 minutes and was won at 85 ’.

This is not the ideal example of the method, as the home team already won by 2×0, but at 83 ‘the fourth corner came out, and at 85’ we had the fifth corner, making our bet winning, thanks to the momentum of the team that was losing the game.

The advantage of this method

The bets on this method make it possible for us to have a good time for corners to happen, something around 15 minutes. The fact that the favorite needs the goals makes the team launch the attack, and if only a corner is left we have our bet returned.

Disadvantages of the method

As everyone knows, sports betting is not an exact science. It is totally normal that, despite all the variables, no more corner kick happens in that match and you lose the bet. It can also happen that the bookmaker does not open this specific market and you are unable to bet.

Bet365 can offer +1 Asian corner, but it can also offer in another format, requiring a little more for the bet to be won. In the example below we have a match that already has 3 corners, but the bet available live is “More than 4.5 corners”. In this case, there is no point in leaving another corner, you need 2 more corners to be victorious.


This method can be quite profitable and exciting as we have shown in this article. But it is always good to remember, bet responsibly and always do bankroll management.

Did you like this method? So do not waste time and register at Bet365, the home of corners and Asian handicap. Enjoy and request your welcome bonus.


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