Bookmakers that do not limit their winnings

Bookmakers that do not limit their winnings

The goal of online bookmakers, as a business, is to profit. Therefore, in some situations, they can limit winning bettors. In this article, we explain how these limitations work, give you tips to avoid being limited, and list sports bookmakers that do not limit their users.


Personal limitations are a problem in sports betting, as bookmakers don’t want their users to make big profits in the long run. If a betting site identifies you as a successful bettor, it will place limits on the amounts you can bet on. Therefore, to make big profits, you may need to find bookmakers that do not limit their users.


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If you think about it, limiting or banning accounts is a totally authoritative procedure, as online bookmakers are just trying to maximize their profits and minimize their losses. If you are a successful gambler and make money at their expense, it means that you are subject to being limited. This limitation can happen in 4 different ways:

  • Account lockout

Generally, you receive an email that may contain a number of reasons for blocking, such as incomplete KYC, use of illegal software, abuse of bonus usage, use of safe bets, money laundering or even result manipulation. To avoid legal problems, the email will come with a supposedly broken rule in the “Terms and Conditions”, allowing you to block your account.

  • Refusal of withdrawals

It is very rare for a bookmaker to refuse a withdrawal requested by a user, but this can happen. This refusal can happen for various reasons. The most common involves a series of unanswered emails before the bookmaker finally freezes the bettor’s account.

  • Limit on stake

This is one of the most common tactics, generally applied to punters who make high profits in a given competition. This means that if you manage to win a series of bets in a certain competition, you will soon be able to have your bets limited for these games. The limit value is usually low (depends on your bet), discouraging you from continuing to bet on the same competition. If you try to wager an amount over the limit, you will receive a notice stating that you are not allowed to wager that amount.

  • Limit on the range of bets

If you are winning a lot of bets on a particular sport or competition, entire markets disappear from a bookmaker’s website. The puzzling thing is that online bookmakers never remove the most popular sports markets. If you regularly bet on football matches and at the same time are extremely efficient in a smaller sport, such as water polo, the bookmaker will try to keep you active only in markets with a greater likelihood of loss in the long run.


We have gathered detailed information on the main reasons why bookmakers can limit an account. Remember this information the next time you place your bets online:


  • Profit High

If you end up winning too much, there is a high probability that your account will be limited or closed. Sports bookmakers are in the business to profit. They don’t care about gamblers who win sporadically, but if you win all the time, they end up losing a lot of money and limiting you. Although it is not fair, it is their right to do so.

  • Abuse of bonuses and promotions

While it is common for online bookmakers to offer numerous promotions, they do not want you to abuse them. These promotions serve as a way to attract new users and keep current users happy. By taking advantage of only bonuses and promotional bets, your account is unlikely to be profitable for sports bookmakers.


  • Ignore bonuses and promotions

Against the previous reason, you can be seen as a possible professional player if you completely ignore a bookmaker’s bonuses and promotions. This is because the professional player usually creates his own betting model and does not play with promotional offers. When using at least one offer or two on your account, it is likely that you will not look like a professional player.

  • Place safe bets

Safe bets (or arbitrary bets) occur when you bet on the two results of a match, when there is a large gap between the odds of two different bets. By identifying a gap large enough in the odds difference, it is possible to win money, regardless of the outcome of the match. This type of betting, however, is prohibited by most online bookmakers.

  • Open more than one account

Some people, in order to take advantage of the available bonuses and promotions, open two accounts at the same bookmaker. Creating two accounts is not allowed. Bookmakers usually close accounts quickly, as soon as the duplicate account is discovered.

  • Bet non-round values

Something that will mark your account quickly is if you don’t bet round amounts. This happens a lot among more experienced players, who use their calculation systems like Kelly’s Formula to calculate the exact amount they must bet. In the long run, these players tend to cost bookmakers money, causing their accounts to be limited or closed.


Here are 9 tips that can help you avoid being banned or limited by a bookmaker:

  1. Bet on calling big, as they usually have the highest betting limits. Because they are popular, it is easy to hide among all the others who have lost their bets.
  2. Bet full amounts as bookmakers look for unusual bets.
  3. Do not make unnecessary withdrawals, as bookmakers pay fees whenever you make a withdrawal. This is an opportunity for them to take a second look at your account.
  4. Do not always bet the maximum amount allowed per bet, as this attitude can be viewed as suspicious by bookmakers.
  5. Deposit a small amount first, so that you look like a recreational gambler.
  6. Depositing $ 10,000 in a new account is an obvious way to tell bookmakers that you intend to make high profits.
  7. Bet on jackpots every now and then, as bookmakers earn most of their money from them. This way, you will look like a profitable player for bookmakers.Try to use more than one bookmaker and diversify bets in the same game.
  8. Avoid betting on obvious bookmaker mistakes, as this will quickly put you on the suspect list and limitations may come. These bets are usually void and the investment does not outweigh the risk.
  9. Rest winning accounts, as withdrawing large amounts in a short period is noticed quickly by bookmakers. The same thing happens when you make money quickly in an account.


You might be asking: Why are there bookmakers that don’t limit their users? It all depends on the business model adopted by the bookmakers, which differ significantly.

Bookmakers that limit their users understand that they sell fun and entertainment in exchange for deposits.

Bookmakers that do not limit their users use a dynamic model to vary the odds according to the values ​​of the bets, generating a profit with the volume of bets, regardless of who wins and who loses. That way, the more bets are placed, the more profits will be taken out.

Successful punters also act as price controllers, as their bets help bookmakers adjust and offer more correct odds. Balanced odds generate a much higher profit for bookmakers, even deducting the amount that must be paid to players who win their bets. It is a kind of mutually beneficial cooperation between bookmakers, who do not limit accounts and their users, who earn from them.


Betfair – 100% up to R $ 120

Betfair is one of the best known bookmakers in Brazil. This popularity is largely due to the Betfair Exchange, the largest betting exchange in the world. Betfair Exchange does not limit successful bettors, not least because the bets are made between the users themselves, and not against the bookmaker. It is worth remembering that in sports betting made in the sports section of the website, the limits are the same as in ordinary houses.

Pinnacle – No bonuses available at the moment

Pinnacle is a bookmaker already well known for not limiting bettors, as well as accepting safe bets without problems. Another outstanding feature of this bookmaker is its odds, which are the highest on the market. Operating since 1996, Pinnacle has an excellent reputation, without major problems with its users.


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