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Learn here the best sports betting strategies

Before talking about some betting strategies, it is important that you have already gone through the previous content where we talked about how to start betting, what are odds and the main types of sports betting. From there, let’s talk a little about some ways to boost your profits in sports betting. Let’s talk about four types of differentiated strategies, on which you can bet and win even more. Take advantage of bookmakers’ bonuses and apply these strategies and find out which one works best for you.

1. Accumulated bets

Also known as multiples, accumulated bets are a way for you to increase the odds of a bet and consequently earn more on your investment. They are widely offered at bookmakers like Bodog or Rivalo.

In this type of bet, you choose two or more different games that will happen or are going on. Let’s take an example with two games of the group stage of the 2018 World Cup: Germany’s victory against Mexico returns R $ 1.50 to R $ 1.00 at Bet365 and if Brazil wins Switzerland, the return is R $ 1.33 for every R $ 1.00 wagered. If you bet on each game separately, you will have a possible profit of 50% in one game and 33% in the other, totaling a return of up to 83%. But choosing to combine these two odds and place an accumulated bet, I will have an odd with a return of R $ 2.00 to R $ 1.00, increasing my chances of profit from 83% to 100%. This by choosing only two games, because opting for two or three more duels, we can easily reach odds that return up to 1,000% or more.

To place a multiple bet, all you have to do is choose the odds in each game and click on them and the chosen bookmaker will calculate the odd for you. Although the possible gain on the accumulated bets is much greater, the risk is also, therefore, to profit it is necessary that all your choices are winners.

Here is an example of a jackpot with more games (you can choose as many as you like):

Cumulative Betting Example

17/06 – 12:00 – Germany x Mexico – Germany R $ 1.50

06/17 – 15:00 – Brazil x Switzerland – Brazil R $ 1.33

06/20 – 09:00 – Portugal x Morocco – Portugal R $ 1.61

21/06 – 15:00 – Argentina x Croatia – Argentina R $ 1.85

Total possible return on this accumulated bet: R $ 5.88 to R $ 1.00

2. Martingale

Martingale is a strategy widely used in betting, but it requires good bankroll management. This technique consists of always betting twice if you lose a bet. For example, you start by betting R $ 1.00 on an odd of 2.00; if your bet loses, you double your next bet and so on until you get it right. After you get it right, you return to the initial value which in our example is R $ 1.00.

Martingale is a lucrative technique, but it is not suggested for beginners, as it may require a little more of the emotional part because it loses and increases the value of the bet. It is also not highly recommended for those who bet with very high amounts, as there may be some limitations on the part of the bookmaker as you will be making high investments.

3. Goals until halftime

Do you know those games with a tendency to many balls in the net? How about taking advantage of them and investing in goals in the first half? In addition to betting on more and less goals during the 90 minutes, you can choose a different strategy by investing only in those that will occur in the first part of the game. To apply this technique, choose competitions with a good number of goals per match and do not invest right at the beginning of the duel. Observe the movement of the teams on the field and if the game is really busy and has chances of goals, then you make the investment in more than 0.5 goals at halftime (that is, until halftime one of the teams will have scored a goal). I do not suggest that you bet before the start of the match because you will find very low odds. Try to wait a few minutes until the odds reach at least 1.70 or 1.80.

4. Bet on the zebra

There are some factors that tend to give a great favor to some teams; one of them is sports news. Sometimes the media focuses a lot on the fact that the particular club has a very high chance of winning, so some bettors go there on the betting sites and make big investments in that team, which makes the team on the other side start to be seen as a zebra, which is not always true. And that is where new opportunities can arise that can be profitable for you. Betting on the zebra may seem a little risky, but we need to take into account that we have very attractive odds that can exceed more than 10 times the amount invested. So, even if you bet several times and lose, a single bet brings the profit back and can still make you positive.

It is also worth trying to games with very traditional teams playing against others not so known. If you see a Brazilian first division team playing against a second division team, naturally what is in Serie A is considered a favorite, but this is not always what happens, after all, besides football being unpredictable, smaller teams usually give everything they can when playing against larger clubs.

Take advantage of welcome offers for benefits

Bookmakers offer great offers when opening an account, so it is interesting to take advantage of these offers when you start betting.

If a bookmaker offers us 600 reais when we register, we should take advantage of it and thus enjoy double the balance we deposit. So, if we bet on values ​​with a 50% chance of winning, even if we win half the bets and lose the other half, we still have great benefits.

It is advisable to open different accounts at different bookmakers and thus benefit from a multitude of offers. Below you will find the best offers on the sports betting market.

Draw strategy

The tie strategy benefits from very high odds – consistently above 3.0. It is played as a single bet on selected matches. Alternatively, a team can be chosen to tie games throughout the season. The betting system is coupled with a progressive bet increase of 50% to raise the overall balance of bets after each division in the green area. We believe that the tie strategy has a very good chance of winning, despite the mathematical impact. However, the risk during a longer loss phase should not be overlooked. The increase in the amount of money can push some sports to its limit.

Betting on goals in the last minutes

The sports betting strategy can be completed in the pre-game area. However, we believe that the live game is more promising at the moment. Always wait for the matches to progress. If it is possible to see that both teams are satisfied with the result in the finals, it is unlikely that one of the teams will be even more at risk.

Especially in a tie, a bet on a goal in the last 15 minutes is not worth it. Bets are better if a team has a goal advantage. A penalty can compensate for balance. For the lead agency, this results in ideal counterattack options.

Multiple bet strategy

The combined betting strategy is generally preferred by recreational players who want to make a high profit with the lowest possible bet. The problem with the system, however, is that only one wrong bet will lead to profits. We recommend that you use the system bets to guarantee the combined betting strategy, if necessary, or look for a bookmaker that automatically offers refund insurance for certain combination versions. For professional players, this sports betting strategy is not applied in our experience.

Estratégia acima / abaixo

A estratégia acima / abaixo é jogada pelos fãs de futebol, que simplesmente querem ser felizes com cada gol. Como regra, a variante 2.5 é usada nas partidas. Especificamente, isso significa que deve haver pelo menos três gols em uma partida para que a aposta seja bem-sucedida. As cotas neste caso estão consistentemente em um intervalo atraente entre 1.7 e 2.2. Aqueles que preferem menos risco jogam o sistema de apostas na variante “número de gols” acima 0.5 ou 1.5.

Value bet strategy

The value betting strategy is preferred by betting professionals. In the long run, it is the most promising option for making money. The goal is to leverage the benefits of bookmakers with the right expertise. In an analysis, the bet is determined by the percentage probability of a result occurring. If your own prediction is higher than the home ranking, a bet must be placed. The bookmaker’s odds are greater than your own calculation has shown.

Follow the best betting tips

Maybe you are just starting out in sports betting and you may feel insecure to apply the betting strategies suggested here in this article, but you can follow the football guesses of our team of writers and get that help in choosing the best bets. Also check out our other sports betting content on the links below.

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