Betting sites with the best odds 2020

Betting sites with the best odds 2020

We always want to profit from online sports betting, even when we bet for leisure. Therefore, it is essential to understand what odds are and how they work, as they are directly related to the amount we can win with a bet. In this article, we’ll take your doubts about odds and list the betting sites with the best odds on the market.


The first question that arises when you start in the world of online sports betting is “what are odds”? Basically, the odds are probabilities. The number calculated to represent this probability also indicates the amount that can be won if your bet is successful.

At the biggest bookmakers on the market, the odds are set by professionals, who calculate the probability that a particular event will happen. This calculation is made based on statistical data, information about the teams and a series of other important data related to the games or events that will take place.



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The odds offered by Betfair are among the most attractive in the sports betting market, which certainly attracts the attention of bettors who wish to profit high from their online bets. Odds that are even more attractive than those offered in the sports market can be found on the Betfair Exchange, as the bettors themselves decide them and not the bookmaker.


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Pinnacle’s focus is to offer the best odds on the market. In fact, it has an excellent reputation for actually offering them. This policy is very well regarded among more experienced bettors, as the profit from a bet is related to the value of the odds.


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Dafabet does not focus on players who bet low values. On the contrary, Dafbet seeks to please players who want to make big profits from their bets. For that, it offers odds above the market average and high betting limits.


Betting sites offer 3 different types of odds: decimal (or European) odds, fractional (or English) odds and American odds. Let’s analyze and understand how these different types of odds work:

Decimal odds (2.50)


Odds decimais

This is the most used type in Brazil. To know the amount you will receive if you win your bet, just multiply the amount bet by the odds. If you bet $ 100 at odds 2.50, for example, you will receive $ 250 if your bet is a winner. In other words, you will get back the stake and still have a profit of R $ 150.

To find out what probability this number represents, you must divide 1 by the value of the odds and multiply the result by 100. In this case, 1 ÷ 2.50 = 0.4. Multiplying by 100, we have a 40% chance.

The lower the odds, the greater the favoritism. For example, a team with odds of 1.50 is a favorite (66.6% chance of winning the match), while a team with odds of 2.50 is unlucky (40% chance of winning the match).

Fractional odds


Odds fracionais

This type is the most used in Europe, especially in England. To calculate the possible profit, simply multiply the stake by the number on the left and divide the result by the number on the right. With this example above, if I bet R $ 100, I will have R $ 150 profit if I win my bet.

To convert this value into a percentage, add the two numbers 3 + 2 = 5. Then, divide the number on the right by the result: 2 ÷ 5 = 0.4. When we multiply by 100, we find the percentage, which is 40%.

In this format, the greater the number on the left in relation to the one on the right, the more favorite the team is. A team with odds 4/7 is a favorite (63% chance of winning the match), while a team with odds 6/4 is the underdog (40% chance of winning the match).

American Odds


Odds americanas

As the name says, this format of odds is widely used in the United States. Some numbers are positive (+) and others negative (-), which can be a little more complicated to understand. Here’s how to read American odds:

Odds How to Read Profit
+150 Bet R $ 100 to receive R $ 150 R $ 1.5 for each R $ 1
-150 Bet R $ 150 to receive R $ 100 R $ 0.66 for each R $ 1

If the number is positive, add 100. Then, divide 100 by the sum result. In this example, we have 150 + 100 = 250. Then, 100 ÷ 250 = 0.4. That is, the probability in this case is 40%.

If the number is negative, add 100. Then, divide the original number by the sum result. We will have 150 + 100 = 250. So, 150 ÷ ​​250 = 0.6. That is, 60% of chances.

As you can see, the profit earned by a negative number is much less, while the odds are greater. This means that a team with odds of -175 is the favorite (63% chance of winning the match), while the team with odds of +150 is the underdog (40% chance of winning the match).


Contrary to what many beginning bettors think, not all odds are good to bet. We can say that there are some odds that are too low, which should be avoided. This is because the possible value of the profit does not compensate for the risks that the bet offers.

When the odds are very low, it is important to assess whether it is worth betting. Generally, the value of the bet must be too high for the profit to be satisfactory. The risk is high, because if you lose the bet, the loss is usually much higher than all winnings.

Of course, as a beginning bettor, these bets can be a good option for you to understand all the rules and operation of the bets. However, avoid them in the future.

We can classify the odds as follows:

Between 1.01 and 1.14 – Very low odds
Between 1.15 and 1.49 – Low odds
Between 1.50 and 1.99 – Average odds
Over 2.00 – High odds

When you already know the rules and know how sports betting works, the ideal is to place bets at medium or high odds, as in these cases the risk of the bet outweighs the potential gains.


When analyzing a bet and its odds, you must have sufficient knowledge about the sporting event to understand whether the bet is interesting or not. See each bet as a business offer that the bookmaker is offering you. Before accepting the bet, evaluate whether it is worth it or not!

Before making the decision to bet, it is important to interpret the numbers. Odds of 1.10, for example, means that the event has about a 90% chance of happening, yielding you a profit of only 10%. By betting $ 100 on odds like this, you will only win 10 reais. Is it worth the risk?

Various information about the event in question influences when deciding whether a bet is worthwhile or not: the teams’ line-ups, the situation of each one in the championship, the tactic used by each coach, the motivation of each team, the field, the absence of key players and more. A very detailed analysis is needed before deciding whether the bet has value or not.


Odds are very important for bettors, especially for those looking for big profits from their sports betting.

Therefore, in order to please this type of bettor, some betting sites usually offer promotions related to odds. Find out more about increased odds and best guaranteed odds, and see which betting sites offer these promotions to their users.


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