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etting on who wins the game is just one of the countless possibilities to profit from sports betting. And today we are going to talk a little about the various types of bets in which you can make your investments.

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Do not be alarmed that the name does not represent any animal with seven heads. The term moneyline comes from English and means “money line”. In betting moneyline is also known as 1X2 which is basically betting on the home team (1), the tie (X) or the visiting team (2). Much easier than the strange name.

Let’s take the example of the duel between Germany and Mexico for the 2018 World Cup. The odds for Germany to win are 1.50, Mexico’s win at 7.00 and the draw at 4.00. This means that if we bet on the moneyline (1X2) in this game we will have a return of R $ 1.50 to R $ 1.00 in the German victory, R $ 7.00 to R $ 1.00 in the Mexican victory and if the game finishing tied the return is from R $ 4,00 to R $ 1,00. If you have doubts about the odds, before continuing, visit our article that explains what the odds are.

Germany vs. Mexico – Odds According to Bet365:

June 17, 2018

12:00 – (R $ 1.50) Germany x Mexico (R $ 7.00); tie (R $ 4,00)

Betting on moneyline or 1X2 is choosing one of these three possibilities (home, draw or visitor) and making your investment. See how simple it is? It’s just the name that scares a little.

How to make the best bet on moneyline

Now that you understand the concept of moneyline, let’s talk a little bit about how to take advantage of the best opportunities in this type of bet. Let’s continue with our example of the match between Germany vs Mexico for the 2018 World Cup.

The odds for Germany are paying R $ 1.50 to R $ 1.00, naturally confirming the favoritism of the 2014 national team that should beat Mexico. Considering this, the bet on moneyline in Germany’s victory becomes a good option in this situation.

But what if Mexico has any chance of winning? Is it worthwhile to bet on an odd with a return of R $ 7.00 to R $ 1.00 considering that we have a zebra in this situation? Well, then you better choose a type of investment that gives you more options, after all it is a very risky bet. In these cases, we can choose to bet on a double chance or on a void bet in case of a tie. I will explain better how these investments work.

Double chance

Unlike the moneyline, the double chance or double chance, as it is also called, is a type of bet that covers more than one possibility. In the moneyline we can bet at home (1), draw (X) or visitor (2). In the double chance we can add these options, being possible to bet at home or draw (1X), draw or visitor (X2) or home or visitor (12). Obviously we will find lower odds in this type of bet, after all there are two possibilities in each choice.

Using our example between Germany x Mexico, betting on 1X (Germany or draw) we will find very low odds, since the German team is favorite to win. The double chance in Germany or draw returns R $ 1.11 to R $ 1.00. As you can see, it is a very small return due to German favoritism and may not be a good bet with such low odds. The double chance betting on a draw or Mexico brings a very interesting return with a return of R $ 2.62 to R $ 1.00. Even in the double hypothesis, we have high odds due to the fact that Mexico is considered the zebra of the duel. But for those who believe that Germany can pop up it ends up being a great bet.

And besides the chances using the tie option, it is also possible to bet on 12 (Germany or Mexico). In that case, you only lose the bet in the event of a tie. In this last example we have odds with a return of R $ 1.25 to R $ 1.00.

When to opt for double chance bets

Double chance bets are interesting when we have balance for the two teams that play the match. Thus, it will be quite possible to find odds around 1.40 or more in this type of bet. It often becomes a great option to cover the possibility of a tie in the duel betting on 1X or X2.

But there is still a type of bet in which you can disregard the tie and have an even better return, let’s get to know a little more the tie market cancels the bet.

Draw voids bet

It is not moneyline, nor is it a double chance. This type of bet does not follow a very different line from those presented in the previous types of bets, but as the name says, it cancels the possibility of a tie.

The rule is very simple: the tie market cancels the bet, also known as “draw no bet” is a bet on the victory of one of the teams and if the duel ends in a tie we will have the bet returned. It is a great option in some cases when there is balance between the teams. It is very worthwhile when you notice that one of the teams has an advantage over the opponent and you can easily find odds by paying up to R $ 2.00 to R $ 1.00 in balanced duels.

Moneyline, double chance or tie void bet? Which to choose?

Now that you know these three types of bets widely used in bookmakers, that question remains in the air of which market to choose in each game and how to profit from them.

My tip is that you always observe which side the favoritism of the duel is on. In our example given at the beginning between Germany x Mexico, we have the German team with the whole ball to win, so the most interesting thing could be a bet on the moneyline in favor of Germany with a return of R $ 1.40 to R $ 1, 00, since in the double chance or draw he cancels the bet in favor of the Germans he is paying very little.

Now, when you have a balanced match with close odds between the two teams, it is always worth analyzing which of the two has the greatest potential to win or even draw the game. In this case, you can opt for a double chance bet with lower odds (usually 1.40 to 1, .60) or bet on the tie voids the bet which returns the investment in case of a score equaled at the end of the match.

The most important thing is that you do an analysis of the game you are going to bet on and analyze from your perspective on the duel which is the best bet. Bookmakers are not always right and you can win good money by placing your bets from what you think is right for the game. But when you are in doubt about the best choice to make, always consult the tips of our sports betting experts.


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